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Ink Cage Ink Reservoir & Nib, Brause EF66

Item #: inkcag---bref66
Our Price: $6.50


These new ink cages act like an ink reservoir for a pointed pen nib, allowing for lines and lines of writing without re-dipping! Each ink cage comes permanently attached to the specific nib, they are not removable or reusable.

Detailed information about the performance of this nib can be found here.

Cleaning Instructions: For water-based ink, clean the nib by dipping it several times in a small jar of tap water. Add a small amount of pen cleaner to the water for cleaning heavier pigmented inks. Then, pat dry on a folded piece of paper towel rolling it side to side on both sides, being careful on the cage side. Repeat if needed. A little ink residue or staining in the cage area will not affect the nibs performance. For best performance clean between every other dip depending on the ink build-up. Do not scrub the Ink Cage or keep the nibs soaked in cleaning solution or use hot water to clean. Ultrasonic cleaners are also not recommended.

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